The YESS Girls are here!!!

Yoohoo the YESS Girls are here again , and this time we plan to get to know them much bteer thatn the last set. We have Natasha from Zambia, Mwaka from Tanzania and Avotra (say Aft) from Madagascar! Welcome ladies! What’s YESS you ask? It’s the “Young Leaders Exchange South to South Programme”! Clear as mud ha… Well the business speak follows below. I just know this means we have

Poseidon 2015

Woop woop, for the very first time ever we had girls take part in a national camp. Ana water camp to boot. Two of our girls managed to get sponsored half their costs and fundraised like crazy for the rest. Here is a little of what they were up to (courtesy of Kathy Heath who was in charge of camp.)   Below are photos and excerpts of the report she

Teddy Sleepover May 2015

Anyone say sleepover?!?! More like fun over, first was ice-skating, then hot chocolate, then finger painting, then our very own custom water slide… and food, food, food! Then it was time to go home!!!! The teddies had the best of times at this years sleepover, photos below and in the gallery.

Guide Camp May 2015

The guides had  blast camping and some even braved the cold and pitched their tent! Outdoor cooking was a blast and we had some official braai-masters. Definitely a highlight of the term. they helped quite a bit with the brownies and Teddies who were also in camp the same weekend.