Poseidon 2015

Poseidon 2015

Woop woop, for the very first time ever we had girls take part in a national camp. Ana water camp to boot. Two of our girls managed to get sponsored half their costs and fundraised like crazy for the rest. Here is a little of what they were up to (courtesy of Kathy Heath who was in charge of camp.)


Below are photos and excerpts of the report she sent us ūüôā

After a year of planning the time arrived for the participants of Poseidon Boating & Swimming Camp to
arrive. By the 11/12/2015 Cape West was ready for everyone to arrive. The excitement was mounting and the
Gauteng contingent travelling by bus, we keeping me informed of their progress. We had two parties travelling from
Johannesburg for the event. The final count for Poseidon was:
22 Participants for Poseidon Boating Camp
11 Participants for Poseidon Non-Swimmers camp
14 Full Time Staff Members
3 Scouts to assist with Sailing
5 Part-timers coming in for various activities

The excitement was mounting for the 5 non-swimmers travelling by bus from Johannesburg to Cape Town.
These girls were the lucky reciprocates of the sponsorship to attend the Poseidon Non-Swimming Camp. Their bus
was due to leave at 3pm on Friday but sadly it only left 4 hours later…..

Cape West was hosting the camp at the Sea Scout Base Zandvlei and we were also using the Cape West
Girl Guide Boathouse. We had negotiated with the Muizenberg Primary School for the use of their swimming pool
for the non-swimmers.

The non-swimmers to the swimming pool and the rest of us got ready to go for a swim. No boating activity could take place if the participants were unable to swim 50 m in clothes and float for 5 minutes, without a Life Jacket.
Fortunately the weather was kind to us and the wind was fairly moderate for Zandvlei. All 22 participants were eager to start and show us they could pass their first test.
Once the swimming was done we were ready to divide into groups and start boating. The choices were
Canoeing, Rowing and Sailing. We all divided into the smaller groups and set sail, rowing and canoeing for the
next 2 hours.

The decision was rise n shine at 5.30am and ready to get onto the water by 5.45am. A group of enthusiastic participants
arrived at the Guide boathouse ready to go canoeing and rowing at 5.30am. There was no wind and the conditions were perfect. The group set out for a two hour session on the water.
After breakfast the Non Swimmers left for Muizenberg pool and the girls were eager to start in all earnest, after just getting used to the pool on Saturday. The Boating camp had a general session on Safety Rules of Boating & Swimming, we discussed the Scout Base Rules, the weather and general boating etiquette before we headed for that water. The girls had made their decisions as to what certificates and permits they would like to do and headed off to work hard at these tasks ahead.

The rowers were very busy on the vlei and it was not unusual to see, or actually hear them strutting their
stuff on the vlei.  The rest of their crews were juggling between rowing and canoeing, which meant long hours on the water.
The group started in the ‚Äúpond‚ÄĚ and practiced all they¬†needed to know for canoeing and then started to venture out on longer trips on the vlei. A favourite was heading¬†towards Muizenberg into the wind and then back with the wind behind you. It gave them the opportunity to enjoy¬†the bird life while out there.
The Non swimmers were also making great progress in the pool and were looking forward to going canoeing or rowing with everyone in the early morning outing; the prospects of being able to go home and being able to swim
took over on Sunday.

Sunday evening we had a Guides Own¬†and Monday evening after a day on and in the¬†water, we¬†had a¬†fun Wide Game for us all to take part in. The¬†patrols had to make model horses and chariots¬†and then they competed in some horse racing.¬†They also had to know some guiding¬†knowledge questions to answer to get¬†themselves moving forward on the race track.¬†It was loads of fun and even the staff got¬†involved…….Then after the fun stuff we started some first aid training, craft,¬†¬†Knotting Boards Pin Cushions, Button Necklaces, Cat Place¬†Mats and ¬†Egg & String¬†Flower craft

The excitement was mounting as Tuesday was our planned Off Base day….. 14 Participants and 4 guiders
were going up Table Mountain and staying at the Scout Hut for the night, while the rest of us were heading into
Cape Town by train to visit the Castle, The Company Gardens and the District 6 Museum. It was promising to
be a fun day away from camp for us all
It was and early start for us all. The hikers left camp for Cecilia Forest at 6am. They would return
to Constantia Nek on Wednesday morning.
Back in camp the Campers were preparing to get ready for the train trip into Cape Town. It was an early¬†start as the train was arriving at 8 am….. We were all dressed and ready for the trip by 7.30am sporting our new¬†camp golfshirts.¬†We travelled to Cape Town by train and then walked to the Castle for a tour at 9 am. The girls were really¬†excited as many of them had never been to the Castle, even the locals. The tour was very informative and then we¬†watched the firing of the castle cannon at 11am. It was rather loud for that small a cannon.
The District 6 Museum is a Museum to honor the people that lived in the area that were relocated from the area due to the Group Areas Act. On leaving the museum, with tine on our hands, an in sight of Charly’s Bakery, we just had to stop in. Charly’s Bakery is quite famous as they have their own show on DSTV. The South African version of the Cake Boss.
We all went shopping for tea and even had a picture taken with one of Charly’s daughter’s.
The Hikers made their way down the mountain and were collected at Constantia Nek and the rest of us were¬†practising knots for the knotting boards and for our Basic¬†Boating Tests.¬†After the hikers returned to camp we finished off¬†our ‚ÄúRules of the Road‚ÄĚ and it was time to get back onto the¬†water. The practical testing was starting for us all. The¬†sailors had to rig their Saldanha. So you would say that¬†this was going to be easy!!!!
With no assistance we did it and it took rather a¬†long time…. About 2 hours…. No jokes.¬†That called¬†for a great time sailing once we were done and of course it¬†was time to practice our ‚ÄúMan over Board‚ÄĚ drill.¬†Then of course it was also time to practice the¬†‚ÄúCapsize Drill‚ÄĚ. Yes and note to self, is if you plan this in¬†future to make sure extra bailers are taken on board,¬†because a Saldanha can take on lots of water….¬†And finally we were done and ready¬†to sail….. We were even treated to two
siting‚Äôs of our Fish Eagles today…The Rowers and Canoeist were all in the water and well on their way to completing their practical work.
The canoeist were perfecting the deep sea rescues and the rowers were training on the helm….
Everyone was working hard while our Non Swimmers were swimming very nicely. At this point they were
almost all Water Safe….
After supper on Wednesday we finished our revision and also discussed the lifesaving we were going to do

The camp was drawing to a close and on Thursday morning the campers were to write the theory tests for the course. There was First Aid, Basic Boating, Canoeist, Rowing and Sailing certificates and Permits being earned on Friday. With all that out of the way we all went back onto the water to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and too finish whatever practical we had not finished. Then it was time to take the Saldanha’s out of the water clean them up and pack them away. The same had to happen with the canoes. During the week we had used the Guide Saldanha for rowing and the Sea Scout base and Bergvliet Scouts Saldanhas for rowing as sailing as well. The Canoes belonged to Cape West. During the week we had great support from the Sea Scout Base the scouts were always there to assist/ It is the dream of Cape West to enter the Sea Scout Regatta’s in 2016, even
if just as ‚Äútrainees‚ÄĚ for the year and then to compete seriously in 2017.
Thursday evening was time to spoil the ‚ÄúPoseidoner‚Äôs‚ÄĚ. We had managed to¬†secure tickets for a local theatre production at a really good price, so off we went to¬†the Masque Theatre at 7pm to see Hope Street. It was a musical set in District 6.¬†The producer was a local, and some of the Rangers had actually performed with him¬†before and were unaware until then what they were going to see.¬†This amateur production was of a very high standard and the girls and adults¬†thoroughly enjoyed the evening out. We looked really smart arriving at the Masque¬†theatre in our Poseidon shirts…

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