Tawny Owl’s German Exchange Part 2

Tawny Owl’s German Exchange Part 2

Here is part 2!

On Friday, we went to a recycling centre where they recycle various car parts and consumable such as tyres, oil, etc. We were offered a guided tour around their facility. We saw how recycling is a big part of German lifestyle. We were shown the entire tyre recycling process. After receiving the tyres, they are sorted. Some tyres who are still in acceptable condition are fixed and packed to be sold in the second-hand market in other countries. (They are not allowed to sell second hand tyres in Germany but can sell to other countries). Damaged tyres go through the recycling process and are reduced to the raw material: rubber. After Estato, we went to Stefan’s school. It’s a school for disabled children. In Stefan’s class, most students were accompanied by adults who assist them. We changed into “African attire” and surprised the students. Stefan was surprised by the positive reaction of the students. He showed them pictures of South African landmarks and a picture of Nelson Mandela. He gave an introduction about South African music and we sang the national anthem and Malibongwe. When we sang Shosholoza, the student joined the “train”. When we left the class, most of the students offered to walk us to the parking lot.

After the school, we went to the Monte Kaolino rope garden. We met Julia and Kirstin. we had lunch with them. Afterwards, we had a safety briefing and then started the obstacle course. This was a challenging activity filled with lots of fun, fear and a good dose of adrenaline. There were four courses: blue, green, red and black. Most girls went up to the red course while Nei-Nei finished the black course.

We drove to Weißenberg where we were going to attend the cup scouts camp. While waiting to be shown our room, we sat in the hall some playing games, some chatting and others just relaxing. Later, we got settled in two rooms. We had a lovely dinner the helped peel potatoes for Saturday’s lunch. The scout leaders were pitching tents for the camp and it started raining. Some girls went to shower and sleep while other stayed up chatting till late.

After breakfast on Saturday Morning, scouts started arriving. We assisted the scout leaders with showing cars where to park, directing the scouts to the registration desk and registering them.

The camp officially started with a gathering where Tom told the scouts the Theme of the camp: Asterix and Obelix. The leaders performed a short play where Obelix’ friend was kidnapped by the romans. The scouts had then to collect elements for the magic potion so they could get strong to fight against the Romans.

After a delicious lunch, there was a leader’s meeting where they divided themselves amongst the ten bases to set up. The activities at the bases included playing Jenga against a leader, trying to cut the hair of a sleeping leader while the rest of the group sang her a lullaby, fishing balloons at the pool and many more. The scouts were divided into groups of ± 6. They had to do the activity at each base after which they got an ingredient for the potion. The girl guides were spread amongst the bases, while some of us chose to go around all the bases and get the chance to meet all the leaders and also play with the scouts.

After the activities, a group of scouts joined us and offered to perform for us. Afterwards, we did the same. They were fascinated by our braids. Some of the girls asked if we could braid their hair. Lesego and Otshepeng started plaiting and a few minutes later, there was a queue at the “hair salon”.

There was a gathering where the scouts all brought the ingredients they collected for the “magic potion”. We had a barbecue. Some of the girls went to get some rest while others helped in the kitchen. The scouts went to sleep and the leaders and some guides had a lovely evening with music and caraderie.

On Sunday Morning, there was a few activities after breakfast, the magic potion was prepared and shared. Obelix, Asterix and their friends captured the Romans. We had lunch, and the scouts got into their uniforms. There was a closing ceremony, a few pictures were taken.

When we left the campsite, we went dancing. A Bavarian couple and a couple of gentlemen joined us that afternoon as they taught us Bavarian dances. The couple illustrated the dances and we joined afterwards. We danced with the guys and had lots of fun. The South African girl guides offered to put on our South African Music to which we danced.

We then headed to Regensburg. Florian Joined us and stayed with us for the rest of the trip. We stayed at a scout’s hostel in Regensburg. It was very beautiful with lots of space and W-LAN (Wi-Fi). Some of the girls prepared dinner. We ate and then had our reflections.

On Monday morning, we didn’t get to have breakfast as a group as we had to arrive at the school at 8:00. We arrived at the school, all the students gathered in the hall and welcomed us. We joined a class where they prepared a presentation about recycling. We joined the class activity and made wallets out of milk/juice bottles. After the class, we gave all students chappies and distributed the remaining chappies to the rest of the students at the school. We went to the teacher’s room where we got the most delicious laugenstangerl and coffee.

After the school, we went to Rewag. We had a guided tour where we learned about the water supply in Regensburg. We saw the chambers where the water is irrigated, we saw the purification stages as well as the control rooms where the water gets treated. At the end of this informative tour, we received water bottles and pens as souvenirs.

We then headed to W1. There, we were meeting a representative of the city of Regensburg. After having lunch, we changed into our formal uniforms. The lady arrived and welcomed us to the city. She was very interested in what we had been doing in the past week and asked us about our impressions of Germany. She gave us bookmarks and puffs as souvenirs of Regensburg. She also invited us to visit the W1.

When she left, we were taken around the W1 facilities. They have dance studios, recording studios, theatre hall, a gallery, rooms where they do different type of art, paintings, ceramic, etc. The W1 is exactly what any youth needs to develop artistic talents. The W1 was hosting various shows in July and as part of our program, we would attend the Wednesday show where one of us could perform.

After the short visit of the W1, we changed into casual outfits and went for a guided Regensburg city tour. This exclusive tour was offered by the Headmaster of the school we visited that morning. We started at the Haidplatz and went through town. We saw various landmarks ie the old stone bridge, learnt about the legend of the bridge, and the cathedral building and so much more.

We went back to the W1 and as we were leaving, it started raining. We walked in the rain. Ten minutes later, as we arrived by the car, it stopped raining and the sun shone again… We went to the super market to buy food, and we got a chance to each buy what we wanted. When we arrived, Keri made dinner. We had reflections and then free time.

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